An Overload of Roosters!

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I'm going to start by saying these gals are keeping their feet cool by all means!   They are some cool chicks!!!!!

I have found them,  each one,   at different times,   standing under my a/c unit....on that piece of rock....because there is the constant water drip that keeps that spot wet.

I got tickled at first because it was ironic to me that they don't generally stay out in a rain shower......they find a place to huddle under.    But, they don't mind this little drip.  

I tried to be thoughtful and mist the ground where they walk beside the cabin.....but, they acted like I was attacking them......

"RUNN!!!!  That's not bread she's throwing!!!!"   

Poor things.   



A couple of evening's blessing of garden bounty was delivered to my little front porch....straight from the garden came the most luscious mother n law and sis n law came riding up on the "mole" with the rear of it  full of goodies.     I guess the garden days of summer are about to come to a close for another year.

However,  I will ONLY admit...... that since then,  I've had TWO tomatoes on my plate for dinner .....sliced, salted, peppered......and savored.   

Yes...I shared with the hubby.   ( ahem....his was cooked in his little meal...I did offer him that much. ).....with much love in my heart.


Now, here's an interesting story ......these plums....this years pickings as well........haven't produced in 7 years.  This year...the tree bloomed and produced.    

God's number is 7.   Hmm.

I was privileged to bring home a few........for my mother n law had counted 175 on the tree.    

When picking time had came around.........we had a visitor that beat us to it and decided to help his little ole' self to quite a few...........a squirrel.

I'm not sure as to how many his little crew had for dinner....but, I think he must have had all of his little furry neighbors over to join in on the plum pudding party because.......if I remember mother n law only picked 18.

I heard it rumored that he helped his plump little self to the peach tree......that also bloomed and has produced.     Greedy little fur ball!

And so, I've taken about 50 pictures of them so far because they are so plump and purple .........and because .....well, there really isn't another reason.   



THIS is a Rooster........

I'm tempted to call him Tiny Tim......he is so little.....he and this lady look alikes aren't any larger than a black crow.    He is a breed of the Banty pack.

He is very cunning in his moves.   

He is also very shy.   Not quite sure how it's going to work out between him and Señor Rusty.......they better not get their sombreros mixed up is all I can say.

Too many roosters in the yard.....just sometimes doesn't work.      

Kinda like too many women living under the same roof......if you please.

So far, Rusty is the leader of the pack.......but, it may not last for too much longer.  

Let us now pray for ..........Tiny Tim......I'm sure he will get re-named.....but, for now...I have to name his something!    

Maybe it will be Señor Tim.


I took as many pic's of him today as I could.     This was the first time I was in the yard with him and he didn't bolt.

I knew he was around can't miss that soulful croak of a crow he has .........he really is going to have to get with it to measure up to Señor Rusty........Rusty already knows how to swindle the ladies and set them straight.




THIS is Oscar!    He was discovered in the past week or so due to his long stride and quickness amongst the younger hens.....he is from the same batch ....but, has road-runner legs!

It's almost like he hasn't discovered who he is yet either.   

Another addition to his discovery is his plume already developing and none of the young hens have theirs yet.    

I surely hope he is one to mind his manners........I would love to have a Rhode Island Red Rooster in the bunch.   


Here he is enjoying a nice cool down of watermelon from the land-lord lady.    

I love this picture of Oscar......he is simply resting in the dirt like the rest of the hens do in order to find a cool spot.   I snuck around the back of the hen house to capture him.......thankfully, he didn't seem to mind.


Tomorrow.....we go back to fence building. has to be done.  But, with God on our side and His hand upon us...we will conquer another day of this heat.

Until next time......

Over and out,


Mrs. Rogers


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