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The day started off nice and misty rain.......not really too humid.

So, we gathered our equipment to get us started on the main part of the fence.     This was a long haul....believe me. 

I was not going to complain about getting rained on ......not one bit.


There were five of these barb- wire rolls to unwind and stretch.    Each row, as best we could figure, was going to take us about an hour to complete. 


Sure am glad my guy has some gooooood muscles.    These are very heavy.    



After getting a working system didn't take long to get in a groove.


Big wheel keep on turning......sore muscles...keep on burning.  

So, "muscles" rolled and stretched ............and I tied on each post between taking pictures........and fixing my torn gloves.



A look can say it all......or many words unspoken......

I get these kind of looks all of the time.    

I just look right back.....but, as for my's more like ......the "hand on the hip" thing.  


I was recently I was expressing myself about a situation ( which I do quite often ....if you must know ).......

"Don't put your hand on your hip!  That says it all!", I replied......."well, what am I supposed to do with that hand?????"

So, I started pointing my finger.......


That just got a harder laugh out of him........ha.......oh well.....let the good times keep rolling. 



Making things a bit more interesting.......we had a few visitors.  


Apparently, someone else in the family has " a way with words" and knows how to communicate with the "hand on the hip" language as well.

This conversation appears to be getting and giving quite a bit of interesting views about how to build a proper fence.........from the master .....Mamaw.   


Discussing the proper use of the tools is one thing.


Demonstration on how to use them another.


This in her yard everyday.   Plants her little gardens.   Waters her flowers.   Prays for those that need prayer.  

Bakes cakes.......pecan pies.     Okay, I'll hush now.  

She's seen a lot in her life time and done a lot that our generation will never know how to do.......for life changes with each new generation.

(Note the starbucks cup sitting on the fence......I can tell you right now.....that was not Mamaw's cup of "tea" this morning......her generation probably had the best coffee in the world.....that would probably put Starbucks out of business old drip pot that sat on the stove and boiled the coffee..........or perhaps a bit more modern......a percolator .)



Well, back to work.....stretching the wire must go on if we are ever going to complete this job.  



Well, it didn't take long before the "boss" showed up .  Always making sure everyone is okay and not killing over from the heat.   


( Note:  I almost killed over.)   ha.  Just kidding.   I didn't do much.   

Just took a few pictures......drove the "mole" around in circles.....drank all of the water.   

Blew my stuffy nose 150,000 times an hour.   

Acted like I could work the prove I could be the "little boss".  

Yes, that's all the requirements here.    


No, that's not me in that picture......I'm the "little boss"....(remember, I took the pictures!)....

This is the  "Main Boss".   ( Note: There's that "hand on hip" communication thing going on again."   


You know you do it too!!!!  So, don't even laugh at us!  No way!   We know how to communicate to our men!!   Yessum!  We do.


See, I'm tellin' works.  

I just wonder exactly how many times a day we actually do this??

I'm amazed at the impact of the "hand on the hip" method that can make such a difference in the "manner of speaking"........


He's already surrendered.   


It appears to be working so well, that these next few images are possibly the most I've ever seen it work.


Well, at some point I guess it had to have the opposite affect.....

We all need a rest at one point or another.....and it's okay when it makes such a pretty picture.   


You can just see the excitement on her little face that her fence is getting completed........and honey, them cows are coming home soon!!

( still haven't heard a date for them yet.....but, I'll keep you posted on their arrival.)


Rest break is over and still more work to be done.  

Saddle up folks.....we are burning daylight.....(as it burns us!  The heat showed back up mid-day and was relentless....but, so were we with our pressing on to get as much done as possible.)



I've always heard that a picture can say 1000 words.....but, it can often give one simple impression that speaks volumes.  

This picture is almost serene to me.  

Little conversations.   Most likely about the fence or a tree or something of that nature.  But, the setting is what speaks of summer and of lightheartedness to me.



Through blood, sweat and tears we pressed on......and yes, there were all three.....blood, sweat and tears.

We all shed blood due to the barbs pricking us from time to time or getting a hammer slammed into a finger.

We ALL sweated enough to refill the pond if it dried up.

Well, almost.

And I shed tears because I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed ......and my eyes watered through hay-fever or allergies or just plain old sinus issues. 



There is nothing like good help.   

Even a "re-purposed" golf cart has it's place when it comes to building a fence.


And I must leave you with my favorite part of my ward-robe.....a hat, boots and gloves.   I told you before something strange happens when I put on these little red boots.   

I took them off yesterday to take this shot.   I walked bare-foot for the first time...... in a long time.     My feet were actually thanking me.

Thanking me for a bit of "fresh air" to breathe!!  ha.

Once again, I hate to leave good company....but, I'll be back.....with another story.....and possibly another episode of "Chicken Drama".

Stay tuned.




Over and out,


Mrs. Rogers



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