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Fencing In...Fencing out.

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The last two days have been as much work as last weekend.

A good farm takes a lot of man-power..................and woman-nourishment to make sure every hand available is properly cared for and kept as comfortable as possible in this heat......{ doesn't hurt to add that a bit of added woman-power does seem to keep things flowing a bit easier......I just thought I'd throw that in.....for good measure.}



B&B construction....or should I say B&B your service once again......

Note the orange and blue.....complimentary colors.

I never knew from one moment to the next when I turned my camera what kind of pose or imitation of someone I was going to get.

The day started off with these two clowns having fun with their cool blue towels that my mother n law bought for us to keep  cool.

This is Brad's interpretation of a Frenchman:



This is my guy with his bow tie.....

I don't think there could ever be a language barrier between these two clowns because they can just about imitate any accent and carry on with it as if it was natural.


And I guess the Arab had to show up.... In the mean time...while B&B was at the front of the in laws were dealing with a few rough spots of their own towards the back.....the ground is so hard because of the lack of rain that it was a very slow process of digging for posts to be set.   




I miss my grandpa.  Papa Everette.    I miss kissing his bald head when he sat in a chair and hearing him talk of his oil field days and how he was as a kid.....and his relationship with God.....I miss that distinct smell of Old Spice scent rather he was freshly showered or sweaty and greased up from working on a boat motor....or when he smelt like fish bait from fishing all morning....

and I miss .......that when I would look into those pretty blue eyes of his........they would always sparkle.   

Okay...enough.  I'm going to cry.  


Today was the first day I've ever seen my father n law in over-all's.     It reminded me of my Papa Everette.    I just wanted to hug him real tight.  

It's so Papa-ish.  A comforting kind of thing.  

To make the boys job easier......he went into town and bought the biggest compressor I have ever seen......

A little instruction reading .......we all need matter what age we are. have to really love how they toted these posts around.......this is one re-purposing use of a golf cart.   


FInally...the T-Posts begin to get driven into the ground.........there was a whole lot of hammering going on.   This machine seemed to take some of the work load off of the boys.   For a while....but, the heat continued to hammer us relentlessly.



Measuring the string and getting it tied at the level required to keep everything in line.......well, not everything...but, those "things" that couldn't talk back........



As the heat beat did the T-Post drivers....on and on and on.    



Of course, I had to take time to view what was around me......this is the necessary equipment on the back of the "mole".    

Prepared for whatever.....gun, fishing rod, water food bucket......and rope..(not sure yet what the rope is for...maybe to pull the deer you just killed for dinner......or maybe .....well, never mind what I'm thinking.)



Always take time out to listen to those you love.   It's little conversations that build that lasting relationship.



This little lady.......comes from that tough breed generation.   Reminds me of my own mother in many ways.   Not afraid of work....loves her yard and always in it.  No matter how hot.....or what equipment it takes to get the job done.

Always looking over her shoulder to make sure things are in tact when she leaves.



This is what I found them doing this morning.....first shot of the day.......continuing on until this part of the job is finished.....and always together. 

45 years....of togetherness.  Side by side.   Each in stride.   


Sitting her first gate in place...well, almost....but, at least it is measured and placed....ready to be attached and used.


Sometimes, the load takes all hands on deck.......even a photographer to catch a moment to reminisce  on.




On an adventure to find a rake to help pick up some brush I had cleared on the fence line......this was an opportunity I couldn't pass.....this was the first time I saw the "Bandits" all together in the Red Hen House.

I had snuck upon them and they raced past me all morning as I tried to get a shot of "Señor Tim"  ( his name may get changed...but, for now...)

He is so spooked by my camera and his little "coughed up crow" that he emits is just hilarious.

I took this as my moment of the day and boy was I pleased with myself.........they were cornered!     


Introducing....Senor Concho!!!!!!!  This morning,  I SAW him crow!  I made the official announcement we had yet another rooster in the bunch. 

My mother n law said she had a hunch he was a rooster......but, wasn't quite sure yet.....well, this I was chasing him around......he crowed!  



As the day came to a close....this is what you would have found the three of, Bubba, Brad doing until the latter part of the afternoon.

Sitting, thinking, fishing....and later.......Bub and myself...took a ride on the paddle boat.


Brad fished......and he had just put his lure into the water and a big mouth bass caught on.....needless to say......I was so excited!

He then caught a few more.......I had to take some shots to document......for reminiscing of course.

........and so, the afternoon went this way for a bit.



I had to stop and capture this little duet of homes in the front yard of the main house.....too cute to pass by.   I can only begin to imagine who all has made these little abodes their little dwelling places......

I keep thinking about a Chickadee house I have stored at my moms.......I remember it sitting in front of my own living room eye level....and watching several little families of Chickadees nest....and become part of the "bird family" in my yard.  

I may put it out someday.....just trying to decide where.


I hate to leave good company.....but, I'll be back...another day...and I'll keep you posted on the fence.  Won't be long before it gets finished......then, there will be a cow to join the crew.

Wonder what we will name the cow.   


Oh well....bonjour for now.


Over and out, 

Mrs. Rogers


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